Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iosselliani and Old School Glamour

I'm in love with this gorgeous jewelry from Iosselliani. If I were a woman of leisure, I would drape myself in it while wafting from one social engagement to another, dressed in old style glamour like Marilyn, Grace, and all the other legendary ladies of the silver screen. Iosselliani has taken that old school aesthetic of excess and brought it a very modern edge, without losing any of the charm and beauty. If you want to live a little dream of a life filled with beautiful things, begin at BlueBee.com.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shaking hands with a god

There are many things people take for granted in life...moving about daily you might not even notice the beauty of a hawk literally soaring through the sky. In my wildlife work I am privileged to come face to face with some mighty amazing creatures, but I was unprepared for the awe I would feel facing this girl.
Since we are always short on available rescuers, those of us who wish to, cross train to be able to handle almost any type of animal. I had the rare and awe inspiring opportunity to attend a training course at the Ojai Raptor Center south of Santa Barbara last saturday, to learn how to catch and release, and administer meds and fluids to the mighty birds of prey. The photos here are not the bird I handled (we could not terrify her with cameras as she was actually a wild hawk being rehabbed) but a female the same size and species. Our goal was to catch this wild, beautiful being by both legs, and contain her for examination. I have never felt such power in my life...her feet held the strength of a very, very large man...I'm not kidding. It was an honor to hold you for a moment beautiful girl...and a privilege to learn how to help your kind.

Cloaked in Mystery

We all need cover. For warmth, comfort, style, many reasons. Humans do this with clothing, and possibly the most effortless and stylish way to do this is with a great wrap or poncho. Do you really have a few extra minutes in your life to fumble with buttons or zippers? No... Then proceed here and find something wonderful to cover up with. Also a splendid way to conceal one's identity when making a hasty back alley retreat...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Time To Reflect


No matter what you celebrate or honor this time of year, the passing of another year gives us all pause to reflect on what has been, and what we see in our future. Like the crows I love, shiny things fascinate me, and this Virgins, Saints and Angels necklace is one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry. The antique feel of this line appeals to me, it has an old world feeling with a nod to spirituality and beauty. I made this little altar with some of my favorite holiday goodies to represent one of the prettiest collections we carry on BlueBee.com.